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Colin McMurray - LORD OF GLENCOE

Colin is one of the most trusted agents in the city. As Founder and Chief Creative Agent at Colin McMurray & Associates, he has cultivated a unique and diverse roster of actors, singers and dancers who collectively have worked on stage and screen across the world. Colin began working as an agent for The Talent House, under the direction of owner and theatre agent Bruce Dean. After over a decade of managing many aspects of that agency, working as a commercial, voice-over, and youth film & television agent, he was hired as the Director of the talent department with Ford Talent Management. Colin managed their acting roster for several years before launching Colin McMurray & Associates in 2006. Colin is from Riverview, New Brunswick and studied Fine Art in London, ON.  

And for interest sake, he is Lord of Glencoe after purchasing a plot of land in Scotland in 2012.

Oh Good Lord!

"It's when you stop chasing your agent, and take control of your work and career, that your agent starts chasing you!"  -- Risa Bramon Garcia


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Raymond Mitra - BOY FRIDAY

Raymond studied at George Brown College in the Fashion Management Program and has been in the retail industry for over 14 years and now works full time in travel but remains our irregular Boy Friday.  Many years ago he came to work at the agency on a part-time basis handling office administrative duties.  Most of you may know him from working at the  anniversary and yearly holiday parties, and for being the best maitre'd ever!!!